Joe Angelastri May Have Voted From His Business For Decades

According to documents provided to us by the Chicago Board of Elections (CBOE), area business owner and founder of the Six Corners Chamber of Commerce, Joe Angelastri appears to have voted from his business address since 1993. Illinois state law requires voters to register at a residence. Last week, we first wrote about this discovery that Angelastri may be illegally voting in the 45th Ward while residing in the 38th Ward.

Voter registration card provided by the Chicago Board of Elections

This registration card, provided by CBOE, indicates Angelastri changed his voter registration address to his business address in May 1993, despite no lodging on premises, no other apparent claims of residency at his business, and no note of living space in this business from the Assessor. The Chicago voter registration form requires one to attest, under penalty of perjury, that one resides at the address given.

The Illinois Supreme Court, in a nearly identical case, defined residency as “more than a mere technical domicile and does not permit registration and voting from an office or business location where the applicant has never lodged; the meaning of the words ‘residence’ and ‘permanent abode’ cannot be tortured, under the guise of statutory construction, to include a business location not even purporting to be a definite place to which an intention to return might be legitimately inferred.” Pope v. Board of Election Commissioners, 370 Ill. 196, 18 N.E. 2d 214 (Ill. 1938).

Within 48 hours of our first tweets raising questions about the legality of Angelastri’s voter registration address, he changed his voter registration address on file from his business at 4018 N Cicero in the 45th Ward, where he has been registered for over twenty-seven years, to his residence on the 5300 block of W Cuyler in the 38th Ward.

Chicago Board of Elections records indicating the most recent change to Angelastri’s voter registration address.

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